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Camerado Update

Thursday, February 28th, 2008

Legitimate, downloadable MP4 versions (with artwork) of two indie
classic features from Camerado now available–direct from the
producers at CAMERADO!

 BOOKWARS ~ The One and Only!

“Terrific” – LA Times

“Superb…mesmerizing” – NY Film Critics Circle

“Hilarious!” – The New Yorker

 ** IFP Gotham Award Nominee **

WINNER: New York Underground Film Festival

[RT 79:00]


The gritty world of NYC street booksellers is told in a remarkable
story that chronicles their lives and their loves, and their unique
perspectives on life…


>> Download as an iPod-ready MP4 from Camerado Digital for $6.99:

 Find out more at!

(No SEX For) SUSAN HERO ~ Camerado’s Latest Dramatic Feature

“An excellent achievement” – Sydney Underground Film Festival

“Utterly compelling” – Santa Fe Film Festival 2008

**Featuring Native American and Latino Talent, with a
non-traditional,kick-ass female lead!”

[RT 85:00]


Somewhere in the dusty Southwestern USA, a young single mother and
her illegal immigrant companion from Mexico embark on a secret journey
to rendezvous with a renegade cloning expert…Susan’s goal: to bring
her dead daughter back!

 **WARNING: May Contain Material that Some Viewers find Offensive**

 >> Download as an iPod-ready MP4 from Camerado Digital for $5.99:

** PLUS **

Hollywood Blackout & Other Movies

A wacky, psychedelic journey into the heart of the Hollywood dream,
by award winning filmmaker J Rosette [BOOKWARS, No SEX For SUSAN HERO]
Rolling blackouts across Hollywood interrupt the phone call of a
lifetime from movie mogul, Mr Bigley to struggling Hollywood
screenwriter Tim Little. Now without power, Tim desperately needs a
way to charge up his cell phone.

Tim’s ultimate goal: the legendary (and publicly off-limits)
Hollywood Sign, where he hopes to find a working outlet…

A hilarious, irreverent and offbeat mockumentary with a psychedelic
twist, HOLLYWOOD BLACKOUT is a completely new and unexpected trip into
the heart of the Hollywood Dream.


1) A Day at the Races

An impressionistic look at the annual great boat races on the Tonle
Bassac in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Look out for the unforgettable cameo
by Sambo the Elephant!


A frenetic video of a simple morning commute — by motorcycle through
the streets of Phnom Penh, Cambodia!

Download or Buy the DVD at:

The CRUNCH (The Gone Marshall) ~ Alternative rock from CAMBODIA!

Alternative rock album from The Gone Marshall, frequent musical
contributor to Camerado! a bit of a mix between Pink Floyd, Fatboy
Slim, Lou Reed, Johnny Cash, and a few others

Produced and recorded at Camerado studios in Phnom Penh, Cambodia
[2007], THE CRUNCH is the first and most prominent indie/garage
release of the new Cambo-punk rock scene!

 ** 9 Tracks [35:00] via MP3 on a downloadable package with cover art
(in one zipped package) **

 Tracks include:

1) The Crunch

2) Sad Sad Eyes

3) Nose Hair Blues

4) Oy Vay

5) Girl Named Momi

6) Cannot Stop

7) Blue Night

8) Talk About It

9) Pretty House

 2007 J Rosette / The Gone Marshall

Produced and Recorded in Phnom Penh Cambodia

 >> Download as an MP3 album (with artwork) for $2.99:

“Thanks for any purchases and all your support–

now we can continue to make more films and tunes!”

All the Best,


BOOKWARS “Terrific” – LA Times “Superb…mesmerizing” NY Film Critics

SUSAN HERO “An excellent achievement” – Sydney Underground Film

FREEDOM DEAL: a NEW Vietnam-era feature film in development

CAMBOFEST: Cambodia’s First Independent Film Festival

CAMBOTUBE: “an important tool for democracy” – The Cambodia Daily


CamboFest ->

CamboTube -> /

Rolling Red Dust / The Return

Thursday, February 28th, 2008


Master Musician from Cambodia hits Melbourne

Thursday, February 28th, 2008

Monday 3rd Mar

Northcote Social Club

with Ouch Savy

Benefit show for Cambodian Living Arts

Kong Nay hits the Australian shores as part of ‘Womad’ festival and in support of Cambodian Living Arts!

Respectfully dubbed “The Ray Charles of Cambodia,” Master Kong Nay is a charismatic blind musician whose trademark dark glasses and pock marked smile are known all over Cambodia. Nay is renowned in Cambodia as one of the great artists to survive the genocide of Pol Pot. Kong Nay is a master of the Chapei, a traditional form of improvised song-making that is often compared to American Delta Blues. Accompanied by his own spirited strumming on the chapei dang weng (a Cambodian long-necked lute), Kong Nay uses his lively voice and tenacious word play to cleverly improvise poetry and song. Kong Nay routinely gets his audience dancing in the aisles. Ouch Savy is Kong Nay’s protégé and is part of the new generation of Chapei musicians who are at the beginning of an emerging musical awareness that could come to rival imported karaoke and pop!

Kung Nei

‘The Flute Player’ – an extraordinary story of survival – will be screened at 10pm.

Cambodian flutes and merchandise will also be available on the night.

$18+bf on sale now through the Northcote Social Club box office – 9486 1677 or or $20 at the door if still available.

More Information -

Media contact –

Julien Poulfon –

Kung Nei

Tim’s What’s On Guide Feb 27

Wednesday, February 27th, 2008

Her Hair Smells Like Cinnamon!

Short on time, long on events. 

Anyone need an apartment?  Two oatmeal enthusiasts are lookin for a roommate to share a spacious 4 bedroom flat resembling an upscale Japanese restaurant, complete with indoor bamboo forest, bar, rooftop and hibachi.  $230 a month plus utilities, including all the yakiniku and mochi you can eat.  Lemme know if you or anyone ya know is looking. 

Featured announcements below:

An Asian Festival of Inclusive Arts (see attached flier for specific event info!)
23rd February – 1st March 2008
Phnom Penh – Siem Reap

For the first time ever, disabled and able-bodied artists from across Asia come together in Cambodia to present an exciting festival  of performance, film, workshops, music and visual arts with a SPOTLIGHT on the abilities of all people.

This 8 day arts extravaganza, will celebrate the talent and diversity of not only Asian culture, but also the human spirit. “This isn’t about putting disabled people up on the stage. This is about changing the way people perceive disability” says Hannah Stevens speaking on behalf of Epic Arts.

Funded by The Nippon Foundation and produced by Epic Arts, SPOTLIGHT is a world standard, multi-arts program which will provide powerful role models for people with disabilities.  By involving the international community, the aim is to build opportunities and networks for artists with disabilities within the region, through workshops, collaborations and shared experiences.

Festival events will take place in partnership with local disability and art organisations and venues including Chaktomuk Theatre, Chenla Theatre, Metahouse and with strong support from Centre Culturel Francais and Bophanana Audiovisual Centre.  In Siem Reap SPOTLIGHT has partnered with Handicap International Belgium, The Art House, The Giant Puppet Project and Raffles Grand Hotel D’Angkor.

With an exciting array of art and artists from Cambodia and neighboring counties; Laos, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore and even as far afield as Japan and Nepal, at SPOTLIGHT there is something for everyone.
All events are FREE!

“See Ability Not Disability”

Epic Arts was founded in 2001 in the UK and is a registered International NGO.

The Nippon Foundation is a private, non-profit, grant making organization based in Japan.


We’re talking Hammertime, Madonna, Pretty in Pink, Zach Morris, Side Ponytails, New Kids on the Block, The Breakfast Club, Total Eclipse of the Heart, Massive Hair, Feathered Bangs, MJ, Girls Just Want to Have Fun, Maverick, The Moon Walk, My Little Pony, and lots and lots of Neon.

Come looking totally rad and get ready to dance the night away.

8:30 to 11 pm on Saturday, March 1st.  Meet at La Croisette, boat is the Mekong Flower.


Over and out,


This week:

** Wednesday 20th **

PERFORMANCE: “Lets Talk About Love”
6 – 730 pm @ Chenla Theatre

** Thursday 21st **

Chess Night
8 pm, Miles Jazz Bar

FREE WORKSHOP: Taiko Drumming Workshop @ Sovanna Phum
9 – 11am, Sovanna Phum

EXHIBITION: Rolling Red Dust
6:30 – 8:30 pm @ French Cultural Centre

FILM: “The Return”
7:30 pm @ Le Cafe du Centre (French Cultural Centre)

** Friday 22nd **

EVENT: Kok Loeung Living Painting
2:30 – 430 pm @ Cambodia Trust

6 – 730 pm, Sovanna Phum

LIVE MUSIC: Yuttana Srimuchai
7 – 9 pm, Art Cafe

7 – 10 pm, Metahouse

LIVE MUSIC: Live Jazz at Miles Jazz Bar “San Frontieres
11 pm @ Miles

LIVE MUSIC: Gasolina
9 pm @ Gasolina

MUSIC: 1XTRA Friday w//DJ Top Shotta – Extra happy hour with 2 cocktails for the price of one from 9 to 10 pm
9 pm – Late, Pontoon

** Saturday 23rd **

WORKSHOP: A Day of Play
8 am to 5 pm, Gasolina

PERFORMANCE: Koshu Roa Taiko AND Boxes
6 -8 pm, Chenla Theatre

PARTAY:  Closing Night Party
8 pm to late, Gasolina

PARTAY:  Outdoor Beach Party  ($5 plus drink)
9 pm til drop @ Cambodiana

MOVIE: Cinema Under the Stars “The Wild Bunch”
7:30 pm, Raffles

BOAT PARTAY:  Totally Awesome Eighties Party
8:30-11 pm, Meet @ La Croisette then walk to Mekong Flower Boat

MUSIC: Saturday Sensation
All night, Pontoon

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And of course a BIG thank you to everyone who let me know about events!

*** Advance notice ***

Too busy :)

Timothy Rann
Accountant, Financial Analyst, Backup Vocalist and Drummer in Toto

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Office (Cambodia): 023-222-804
Cell (Cambodia): 012-189-0832

Meta-House Programme 28th until 04th

Wednesday, February 27th, 2008
Dear Friends of Meta House!
Meta House programme from Thursday, February 28 till Tuesday, March 04 2008
+++ FILM
THU, 28/02 7 PM
TOUCH THE SOUND – Spotlight Movies (Part of the Asian Inclusive Arts Festival)
FRI, 29/02 7 PM 
MURDERBALL – Spotlight Movies (Part of the Asian Inclusive Arts Festival)
SAT, 01/03
Focus Cambodia: CAMBODIA – THE BETRAYAL (1991, 52 min)
SUN, 02/03   
Set In Asia: OSAMA (2003, 83 min)
TUE, 04/03 @ 6 PM
Japanese artist and photographer Yoko Toda took photographs of Cambodia during 1965 and 1966. The images describe a country in peacetime, unaware of the tragedy that would shortly befall it during the US/Vietnam War and the genocide that followed at the hands of the Khmer Rouge. The title of the work  “Silence Remained” implies that after the destruction all that remained was silence. ( These photographs were for 3 years ago restored and digitalized and will be screened at META HOUSE gallery walls (until March 14).
Not at Meta House, but at Pannasastra International School (No.18A, Str. 370, Boeung Keng Kang, Phnom Penh) we are continuing with our forums on the Khmer Rouge genocide, justice and the KR trial – in cooperation with Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation (KAS).
March 03 at 7PM      This Session will give an understanding of the structure and history of the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia (ECCC).
Please be our guest, with kind regards,
Meta House team