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Wages for Civil Servants & Animal Heaven

Thursday, July 15th, 2010

Please find the attached release for the upcoming Equity Weekly Show,
broadcast every Sunday after national news (7h30 + PM) on National
Television T.V.K. and rebroadcast on Mondays at Noon.

This week in our show 146:
*Topic 1 – Wages for Civil Servants (Main Story)
**Topic 2 – Animal Heaven (Feature)*


We hope you will find our show of interest and welcome your contributions
and feedback.

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Anne Guillou – Healing in the clamor of history. Doctors, healers and patients in Cambodia

Tuesday, July 13th, 2010

*Anne Y. Guillou*

will talk about:

*Healing in the clamor of history. Doctors, healers and patients in Cambodia

* *

In this talk, I will present a research on the Cambodian medicine(s) which
has been published as a book (in French) in 2009 (‘’*Cambodia**: Healing in
the clamor of history. Physicians and society*’’).

The first questions arose when I came in Cambodia in 1990 as a PHd student
in medical anthropology. I then began my field research by staying in
Cambodian hospitals all around the country and in the refugees’s camps.
There I observed the many misunderstandings between the Cambodian medical
staff and the humanitarian Western (and Japanese) one, regarding the
standards of the medical work, both in its technical and ethical aspects.

This resarch aims at understanding how a Western knowledge and practice such
as biomedicine has been integrated and given a new meaning in a non western
social context such as the Cambodian society.

The first part deals with the doctors’ status and identity that the
Cambodian society have forged through the different regimes and the
successive State ideologies of public health, since the French protectorate.

The second part describes the daily life in hospitals as I have observed it,
focusing on interactions and conflicts between Westerners and Cambodians,
and doctor-patients relationship (including an analysis of the Cambodian
medical ethics vs the Western one).

The third part entitled “healers and patients” analyses the global healing
market by portraying healers such as monks, kru khmaer (particularly the
successful “neo-traditionnal” ones), and mediums. Instead of focusing on
patients’ therapeutic recourse as it is done in most studies, I focus on
interrelations between healers themselves (including doctors) by showing how
the different categories of healers partially share the same social and
symbolic universes.

*Anne Yvonne Guillou* holds a PHd in anthropology from EHESS (Paris, 2001),
and a BA in Khmer studies from INALCO (Paris 1988). She is a tenured
researcher of the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS),
currently working for the Center of Southeast Asian studies (CASE), Paris.
She has been doing research on Cambodian people since 1986, firstly in
France among refugees and then in Cambodia since 1990. Her current research
interest is in social suffering and post-genocide social recovering ; Khmer
popular religious system ; Body, sickness, healing practices, medicines and
practionners ; and Health and migrations.

*Some of her publications can be found on line*:


Emiko Stock, Pascale Hancart Petitet, Gabriel FauveaudCoordinating team:

European Colonialism and Interpretation

Tuesday, July 13th, 2010

Dear HSHH friends,

*Our next meeting will be on: *

*Thursday July 15th – 6pm – Baitong Restaurant*

*(7 st 360, near Beung Keng Kang market)*

*Contact: *

Emiko Stock 012 521 093


*Eisel Mazard*

will talk about:

*The Opposite of Buddhism:*

*European Colonialism and Interpretation*


The legacy of European scholarship is burdened with distorting biases;
conversely, the “canon” of this scholarship is increasingly available in
digital formats, instantly accessible, and used throughout Asia (even within
Buddhist monasteries) and incorporated into (seemingly) indigenous versions
of Buddhist texts. The formative influence of Imperialism, Christianity,
Theosophy and Aryan race theory in early European (mis-)interpretations of
Theravada Buddhism continues to have implications for the current generation
of scholars –both in Asia and in Europe. This lecture broaches some of the
outstanding problems of interpretation in the European tradition, tracing
out a few patterns over a period of centuries, with some distortions
originating in European colonialism but continuing to have salience to
debates about the content of Buddhist philosophy that are ongoing (in Asia
and Europe) today.

* *

*Eisel Mazard* is a scholar of Pali, the most ancient language and
literature of Theravada Buddhism, and of the history, languages and politics
of Theravada Asia. His research has primarily concerned mainland Southeast
Asia: Cambodia, Laos, Yunnan and Thailand.

What? July?

Friday, July 9th, 2010

You sure? already July, whaow… we had been so buisy, it was a lot to
and by luck, do you know who said? ” only sweat is macking you growing,
only sweat will be responsible for you succes, if your talented you will
have to sweat even more because you will doubt about it …
my translator Nhiemg said it’s Confucius (in his infinie sagesse…)
me, i bet more that’s from Pr Shodoresfky ( in: “Fame”cult tv serie…)
Anyway, who ever said that… if he is right… we surely gonna have,
here, soon, a lot of talented success….. because sweat we do give… and
by backet….
chat with you soon, i go first dry myself….

vous etes sur? déjà juillet… whaow… on a ete tellement occupés, il y a
tant de choses à suivre….
par chance vous ne sauriez pas qui à dit: ” seulement la sueur vous fera
grandir, seule la sueur sera responsable de votre succés, et si vous avez du
talent il vous faudra suer encore plus parce que vous aurez des doutes…”
mon traducteur Nhiemg dit que c’est Confucius (dans son infinie sagesse…)
moi, je penche plutôt pour le Pr Shodoresfky (dans Fame serie culte à la tv)
de toute façon qui que se soit qui l’ai dit… si il a raison… nous
aurons, ici, bientôt, un moulon de talentueux succés… parce que de la
sueur nous en donnons…. et par seaux….
on discute tout à l’heure, je vais en premier me sêcher….


Digital Natives Workshop in Taipei

Thursday, July 8th, 2010

Dear all,

ART was in touch with you regarding the Mekong ICT Camp 2010, Chiang
Mai. We got this database from them.

The Centre for Internet and Society in collaboration with the Frontier
Foundation is holding a three day Digital Natives workshop in Taipei
from 15 to 17 August, 2010. The three day workshop will serve as an
ideal platform for the young users of technology to share their
knowledge and experience of the digital and Internet world and help them
learn from each other’s individual experiences.

Everybody has a story to tell, and with the Internet, it is possible to
tell the story and be heard. Young people around the world use digital
technologies to find a voice, an expression, a creative output and a
space for dialogue. Gone are the days when the young were only to be
seen and not heard. In the Web 2.0 world, the young are seen, heard and
are making a dramatic change in the world that we live in.

As Internet and digital technologies become more widespread, the world
is shrinking, time is replaced by Internet time, we are constantly
connected and intricately linked to our contexts, our people, our
cultures and our networks. And you, yes YOU are a part of this change.
In fact, as Digital Natives
people who have found technologies as central to their lives – you are
directly affecting the lives of many, sometimes even without knowing
about it.

An Open Call for Participation

The Centre for Internet and Society (Bangalore, India) in collaboration
with the Frontier Foundation (Taipei, Taiwan) are calling out to young
technology users to share stories about how they have tried to change
things around them with the use of digital and Internet technologies.
Conversely, if you feel that the presence of these technologies has
significantly changed you in some way, we want to hear about that too!
These can be stories where you have made a significant impact by
initiating campaigns or movements for a particular cause, stories where
you have used technologies to cope with problems in your personal and
social life through your online persona in the virtual World Wide Web or
stories where a small blog you started, or a facebook group you created,
or a plurk network that you started, or a discussion group that you
participated in, led to a change that has a story to tell.

The three day workshop will select 20 participants from all around Asia
and in the Middle East to come and share these stories, to interact with
facilitators and scholars who have worked in different countries and
areas, and to form a network of collaboration and support. We will give
your stories a face, a voice and a platform where they can be heard in
your own voice, in your own style and in your own formats. Participants
can fill in an application form (as given below) and forward it to
href=””> by
15th July 2010.

Simultaneously a website will also be hosted online where the Digital
Natives will contribute to the content. Selected participants will be
encouraged to document in it. Expenses relevant to the project will be
granted to the selected participants.

Application Form

* Name:
* Gender:
* Age:
* Primary language of communication:
* Other languages you can read and write:
* Email:
* Postal address:
* Describe your Internet related experience / initiative(s) in 300
words. Furnish with URLs where necessary. Optionally, if images
and videos are part of the description, then upload them in a high
resolution version to a secure website and provide the URL.
* Write in a few sentences about your expectation from the workshop.
* I declare that the above information is true to the best of my
* I agree that Digital Natives will use the material I have provided
for public use.

Please note that the information you provide will be kept for purposes
of the Digital Natives project. Materials which you submit will be used
for reporting to sponsors and for public use relevant to the project.

Dates: 15, 16 and 17 August, 2010
Venue: Taipei (Taiwan)

Thanks and Regards’
Hasina Hasan
Digital Natives Co-ordinator
The Centre for Internet and Society
Phone: +91-80-40926283