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Another memorable moment on PUC Radio Talk Show

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

planned and un-planned” Wednesday, 1st of February.

Monday, January 30th, 2012



welcome you to our up coming event
organized by Manolis House

City planning and land use in Phnom Penh: looking back from “now” 

Phnom Penh: planned and un-planned

to “then”.

Thomas Kolnberger


Baitong Restaurant

7 Street 360/ Norodom Bd, Beung Keng Kang I,

Wednesday, 1st of February 2012 at 6 pm


Thomas Kolnberger, born in Salzburg, Austria, is PhD-candidate in Historical Geography at the University of Luxembourg (Laboratoire d’histoire) and Passau (Southeast Asian Studies, Germany). His lecture will highlight the on-going production of spatial relations between "planning from above" and "from below" as grass-rooted urban planning by looking back from Phnom Penh's "now" (after the fall of the Khmer Rouge-regime) to "then" (colonial times).

Human Sciences Encounters in Phnom Penh



Coordinating team:
Pascale Hancart Petitet, Emiko Stock, Léo Mariani, Gabriel Fauveaud



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Saturday, January 28th, 2012

Dear Democrats Abroad Cambodia Members,


Did you know that you have to register to vote every year?





               DATE: SATURDAY MARCH 3, 2012

               TIME: 6.30 – 8.30 PM (including happy hour from 5-7pm)

               PLACE: FCC – PHNOM PENH, #363 Sisowath Quay

1) 2012 US Elections:  Did you know that you now have to register to
vote every year? Come learn about voter registration requirements for US
citizens living overseas (MOVE ACT), register now for your absentee
ballot (, and receive updates on the US primary elections dates and processes, and more!


Important Updates: Speakers will provide important information on
immigration visa rules and new tax filing changes affecting Americans
living abroad, and more! Guest speakers will also be invited.

2) Democrats Abroad Cambodia Officer Elections:  We are seeking
nominations for all four positions: Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary and
Treasurer. All Democrats Abroad (DA) Cambodia members are eligible to
stand for election and to vote for officers.  We encourage everyone to
become involved and make a difference.  No experience necessary, just
willingness, interest and commitment. The DA Cambodia By-Laws will be
posted on the Democrats Abroad website ( 

Nominations: Please send your nominations (self or others) to the DA Cambodia nomination committee ( or contact Ray, (tel: 012 620 571), Bruce ( or 016 987 911) or Nathalie (
or 012 899 306) for more information. While nominations are allowed
from the floor, it would be helpful if nominations and candidate
statements are sent to the nomination committee by Friday February 24,
2012 so they can be posted for DA Cambodia members to see in advance of
the DA Cambodia Annual Meeting.  Thank you and we hope to see you all

For general information or questions, please contact or call: 012 260 131 or 012 949 421.

Tell Friends and Family!  Bring a Friend! Consider Volunteering! Forward
this message to all Americans you know and encourage them join
Democrats Abroad Cambodia! This email is being sent by Democrats Abroad

The Halo of The Omnipresent Eye

Thursday, January 26th, 2012
Subject: Opening Friday 27 January 6-8pm | The Halo of The Omnipresent Eye by Than Sok

SA SA BASSAC is pleased to announce the opening of The Halo of the Omnipresent Eye by Than
Sok, a solo exhibition presenting interactive sculpture and installation
through which the artist seeks to provoke questions around the practice of
monetary almsgiving in Cambodia while playfully drawing connections between the
roles of monastics and artists. 

In Cambodia, where Buddhism co-exists
alongside pre-Buddhist animism and Brahman practices, both monks and artists have
long occupied a unique position in the transmission of Khmer culture and
values; monastic discipline has provided a living model of the most meritorious
Buddhist behavior, while artistic practice has been regarded as visionary and
with spiritual associations.

Although some monks commit to permanent vows,
monkhood in Cambodia is traditionally considered a right of passage in which young
males are expected to serve temporary terms intended as merit-building
activities for parents. Due in part to a shift in almsgiving practices in which
laity replace food with cash offerings – a practice antagonistic to precepts
meant to prevent monks from indulgences including the handling of money – many
young men can now consider monkhood as an opportunity to escape poverty,
relocate to urban centers, participate in secular education, and are seen as
participating in laic life before disrobing. Still, alms remain a central
practice and symbol of the sangha, or
Buddhist community, and provide the opportunity for givers to earn merit
for a
better rebirth.

Than Sok deliberated the monkhood-for-opportunity
model, and served three months as a novice assistant, during which time he was
offered what he considered a more favorable opportunity: to become an artist
through the offering of the Reyum Art School in Phnom Penh. Since graduating in
2005, his artistic practice has investigated the materials and rituals of
spiritual practices in his country.

The Halo of
the Omnipresent Eye
stages the artist’s own alms scenarios in the gallery.
To Give Is To Receive I and II (2012) reconfigure materials and
forms used in exchanges between monks and laity. The pair of alms stations are
presided over by representational halos associated with divine knowing – a
reminder that intention, the source of good or bad action, which is invisible,
is “visible” via its karmic effect.

To Give Is
To Receive I
concentrates on alms made to the temple. A colorful LED
moiré light glows in the eastward direction onto a field of humble sand mounds
– forms representing Mount Meru, the mythical axis of the Hindu world – which
are built outside temples during major Khmer ceremonies. Money and other
paraphernalia are slid into the sand mountain for which the person is released
from sins and can request prayers answered. To
Give Is To Receive II
focuses on alms made to the individual monk. Suspended
from the ceiling, a sole light bulb hangs in the center of bamboo hoop; its
“rays” are made from the bright red cotton string, which monks tie to the
wrists of laity as a general blessing, and connect to a ring of eight bat lok, or alms bowls. Playfully, the
artist asks viewers to perform almsgiving, for which they will, by level of
intention and belief, receive merit from supporting the artist. 

About the

Than Sok (born 1984, Takeo) investigates
religious and spiritual beliefs, materials, and rituals through sculpture,
installation, video and performance.
Than graduated
from Reyum Art School (2005), Reyum Workshop (2007) and is currently studying
architecture. Select exhibitions include
Bophana, Phnom Penh (2009), Forever Until Now, 10 Chancery Lane Gallery, Hong Kong (2009) and Video: An Art, A History, Singapore Art
Museum (2011).  Than was a resident at Tokyo Wonder Site
(2005) and S-AIR, Sapporo (2011). His work is collected by the Singapore Art


gallery and resource center dedicated to creating, facilitating, producing, and
sharing contemporary visual culture in and from Cambodia

Exhibition Details

Exhibition: The Halo of the
Omnipresent Eye
by Than Sok

Opening: Friday 27 January, 6:00-8:00PM

Dates: 27 January – 26 February, 2012

Opening Hours: Thurs/Fri 2-6pm, Sat/Sun
10am-6pm + by appointment

Location: SA SA BASSAC #18 2nd Floor,
Sothearos Boulevard


Contact: Erin Gleeson, Director, +855(0)12507917

John Weeks

Phnom Penh Mapping Meetup Wed 25 January

Monday, January 23rd, 2012

REMINDER: Phnom Penh Mapping Meetup

This is a chance to discuss topics such as cartography, GIS, distributed spatial computing, scripting and programming for GIS, spatial databases, location based services, remote sensing, GPS, surveying, navigation, crowdsourced data collection etc. Feel free to come along if you want to find out more about what maps can do for your organisation or cause.


Location: The Empire

Address: #34, St 130

Time: 5:30pm onward

Date: Wednesday 25th January

Theme: beer GIS


Please pass on to anyone you think might be interested.

Hope to see you there!



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