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Monday, June 11th, 2012

Nou Hach Literary Association

Thursday, June 7th, 2012

Plotting with Character: a series of zine-making workshops
to be presented by
Ryan Paine, Nou Hach’s Asialink Writer-in-Residence
Khiev Chakriya from from Sovrin Magazine

over four Saturdays, 9 AM to 12 PM:

Nou Hach Literary Association invites you to participate in a series of zine-making workshops, Plotting with Character, which will be held at Baitong Restaurant meeting room, #7 Street 360, Beung Keng Kong 1, on the following Saturdays between 9 AM and 12 PM:

16 June, 2012
23 June, 2012
30 June, 2012
7 July, 2012

Translation will be provided throughout the workshop.

Plotting with Character: a series of zine-making workshops
Zines are small, self-published magazines – a wonderful size for fitting in the back pocket – and over the course of this series we will produce one together, packed with short-short stories written and published by YOU.

Plotting with character is an important aspect of writing good short fiction that will immediately grab a reader and draw them into the characters’ world of intrigue. The plot of a story is the series of events that unfold, and characters are the ones who have fun unfolding them. Using character to determine the direction of a story’s plot is one way to ensure readers will want to come along for the ride.

During this month-long series of Saturday workshops, writers will learn from presenters Ryan Paine and Khiev Chakriya how to develop strong characters and how to see them through a short plot. By the end of the month, content developed at the workshop will be published
in a zine.

About the presenters
Ryan Paine is Nou Hach Literary Association’s Asialink Writer-in-Residence for 2012. He is a former editor of Voiceworks, Australia’s premier literary journal for writers and artists under 25, has worked as a book editor at Wakefield Press, was Director of Format Festival’s Academy of Words, and has had book reviews published in The Big Issue, Australian Book Review and on Radio National’s The Book Show. He has published fiction in various Australian journals and blogs at Socratic Ignorance is Bliss II.

PHOU Chakriya is an associated editor and reporter for Sovrin Magazine. She graduated with a Masters of Arts in English from Norton University in 2011. She received third prize in the Nou Hach Literary Awards in 2007, and second prize in 2008. Most of her writing is about gender, the environment, Cambodia’s society and also brings new concepts to Cambodian people. She writes stories for children too, and blogs at Shadow of the Moon.

Seats are limited, so get in quick and RSVP by Thursday 14 June 2012 to

To get you started thinking about character and plot, see the links below.

A plot is a piece of land. A plot is also the main events of story. This article, “What is Plot – How to Build a Story from Beginning to End” is very helpful in outling just what plot is.




This remarkable looking fellow is inspiration for a great character. What are the events that could have lead to his moustache so closely resembling his bow tie? Explore that idea and you will come up with a plot. Meanwhile, this article breaks down the idea of how to create character through adversity, and that’s what it’s called: “How to Create Fictional Characters Using Adversity”.